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Don’t you wish we had…

Tweet… a feminist text-response service? I’ve learned to articulate a lot of my beliefs, but when people attack what I think, it can be hard to come up with an immediate response. How great would it be if we feminists had a rapid response text service that would help us develop strong, accurate responses to [...]
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Leaving politics at home

TweetIt happens all the time: I step out of my comfortable, liberal bubble in which everyone is well aware that I am a loud, proud sex educator and feminist, and suddenly these things don’t go over as smoothly as I’d like. Once, I was in DC to attend the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Young Feminist Leadership [...]
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The War on Drugs = A War on Women and Families

TweetBy Lenora M. Lapidus, Director, ACLU Women’s Rights Project The "war on drugs" has had a devastating impact on women and families, who have been greatly affected by policies like mandatory minimum sentences, prosecution of low-level drug offenses, increased conviction and imprisonment of those with relationships to drug dealers, and criminalization of women with drug [...]
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Breaking Up While Feminist

TweetWell, friends, we have surely discussed and analyzed romantic relationships a time or two in this space.  Whether talking about “Dating While Feminist” or “Getting Married While Feminist”, and all permutations thereof, we’ve never discussed the opposite end of the spectrum.  That subject would be “Breaking Up While Feminist”.  A recent moving piece by Chloe [...]
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“Women Through the Generations- Acknowledging the Generational Gaps”

While in my women studies class at Nassau Community College, Jessica Valenti, the editor of www.feministing.com came to speak to the students. My class went to see her speak which really made the class, including myself, think and figure out our views and possible reasons for being a feminist. About two weeks later, I realized that I had to start working on my final project for the class. I remembered that it was an action project, which essentially meant that I had to do something that got the word out to a large group of women and men. However, I did not just want to stand around school sharing information. I wanted to spread the word quicker about a women studies topic that no one really thinks of that often but can be seen in a family household everyday. The topic I chose was not even brought up in my class the whole semester, but I sincerely feel that everyone should know about it. I wrote this paper on the concept of generation gaps between women and the way I approached this idea was by giving a questionnaire to my grandmother and mother as well as answering the questions myself. Then I compared and contrasted all the statements from three generations in my family. With the compilations of views and generations, I hope that not just women, but everyone can open their eyes to the elder family members and appreciate their views while the elder members try to do the same for the younger generations. Lastly, even though this concept relates to men as well I feel that women have had much more changes throughout the generations than men, which will be seen in the responses of my grandmother, Ruth Eagen, and my mother, Valerie Eagen.
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