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Beauty That’s ‘Real’

Tweet“Love the skin you’re in!” “Real women, real beauty.” “Beauty at any size!” You’ll likely recognise the above phrases, which, rather than necessitating quotation, were plucked from my arse. I mean mind. (Bum/mind/waist-to-hip ratio; telling the difference is as hard as it is futile.) Such clichés are the mantras of the body-positive ‘movement’: a barrage [...]
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On fatshion

Tweet I just finished the book my Mom gave my for my birthday, a book I’ve really been looking forward to reading, Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girl on Life, Love, & Fashion edited by Virgi Tovar.  I became aware of Fat Activism in a class I took my last semester of college called Women [...]
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Faux-acceptance and representation of fat people in media

TweetToday my sister came over. I came downstairs to find her talking with my mom about some Disney channel show they were allowing my niece to watch. The way they were talking about it, I was wondering why they were letting my niece sit in front of it. They were talking about the fat character [...]
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A note on thin privilege: Alexa Chung is not your friend

TweetAlexa Chung, the British fashion model turned TV host, recently gave an interview in which she responded to criticism she had received over some pictures that she had posted of herself on her Instagram account. The outcry against these pictures (which, for the most part, were really pretty innocuous, depicting, for example, an admittedly skeletal [...]
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Female bodies: ‘positive’ rhetoric

TweetThis is a great article. Not just because it celebrates Christina Hendricks as one of the few contemporary celebrities who has healthy amounts of flesh on their bones as standard (not just ‘for a role’ or because they’re in some sort of emotional meltdown….can’t blame the latter really), but, in contrast, because it also succinctly exemplifies [...]
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