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Bob, is Sally helping you with the kids?

TweetThe term “working mom” is sexist and I die a little every time someone asks me if I have a job or do I take care of my daughter. I mean, do you ask men the same question? “Hi Bob, how goes the work/home life balance with your newborn? Are you able to manage it all? [...]
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Happy Father’s Day weekend!

TweetOriginally posted at www.carlsonsalon.blogspot.com One of my favorite essays is Lisa Bloom’s “How to Talk to Little Girls.” In it, she describes the propensity for people to speak to little girls only about physical beauty (you’re so pretty! Isn’t that a cute dress?) at the expense of encouraging young girls’ intellectual development. She describes the problem: [...]
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Colby Lewis had a baby and unwittingly became a spokesmen for feminism: Male Allies in Feminist Movement

TweetSo, today I was minding my own business, as usual, and without a doubt, patriarchy smacked me in the face—through an update on my twitter timeline.  I saw the reaction of Hay Ladies blogger,  Andrea Grimes, to the ignorance of Richie Whitt, Dallas Observer sports blogger.  I would think that this is how Colby Lewis of the [...]
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Childless by biology

Tweet I’ve mentioned this revelation on my blog and referenced it on another feminist site, but I’ve never talked about it in detail until now.  Last week, I learned that the illness I’ve struggled with for months has rendered me sterile.  Perhaps I always was this way, especially if recent testing reveals that I am, [...]
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Can I Get a Study on Stay at Home Dads, Please?

TweetWhile I think they are trying to say something vaguely positive, the fact that there are studies being done on the effects of working mothers on infants is over the line. Where are the studies on the effects of men working? Where are the studies on the benefits of stay-at-home husbands? Tweet
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