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The Fulfiller of Expectations

TweetShe’s not asking for the attention of the holy order of stoners and slashers when she walks with contemplation or dances without reservation in consonance with her stimulation. She’s got nature’s approbation as the fulfiller of the expectations for rain and laughter. Tweet
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A response to “18 Things Females Seem To Not Understand (Because, Female Privilege)”

TweetIf this is a satire piece, dear God, it’s a good one. I stumbled across this little gem while on Tumblr, once again spending my time blogging and not really doing anything of importance. Once I saw it, I immediately knew I had to write some kind of response or parody to it. If this article really [...]
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TweetFeminist activism pertains to the seeking of social justice on all gender issues (particularly concerning what can be done to overcome inequality), and social justice is the idea of creating societies that are based on the principles of equality, human rights, and human dignity. Feminists work to bring about change through awareness of social injustices [...]
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Why Connecticut College Will No Longer Be Performing The Vagina Monologues

TweetA Letter to Eve Ensler and V-Day, As an activist, it is my deepest responsibility to accept constructive criticism and to be open to the idea that my work can be problematic – especially when coming from a place of racial, economic and cisgender privilege. I want to thank my peers, mentors, staff and faculty [...]
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It pays to have more women on the Supreme Court

TweetCrossposted at Of Means and Ends. The proponents of a colorblind, gender-blind, whatever else-blind outlook on the world don’t just undermine attempts to identify and rectify discrimination. They also ignore the valuable perspective one can bring from experiencing American culture as someone other than a straight white man. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor was pilloried in [...]
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