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From tomboy to tiptoeing

TweetI’ve been thinking about gender issues for a long time. Maybe my whole life. I’ve never been one to stay within the boundaries of what society has told me a girl should be. I guess I was a little bit of a tomboy. I had short hair most of my life, preferred sweatpants to dresses, [...]
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Melissa Fabello: Body Image Vlogger, Editor for Everyday Feminism

TweetThis post by Aubrey Wallace originally appeared on Ravishly.com, an alternative news+culture site for women. Body positivity is Melissa Fabello’s forte. Whether she’s vlogging about eating disorders and the media or writing about sexual positivity, Fabello’s focus on self acceptance is nothing short of amazing. A sex educator with a Masters in Human Sexuality, she has a website, a vlog and is an [...]
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Lana Del Rey: Reluctant Poster Child for Millennial Feminists

TweetSo. In case you’ve been consumed with other news (like the 74th shooting since Newtown), Lana del Ray has been caught—and now lambasted—in the red-hot cross-hairs of feminist criticism. In her recent interview with Fader, she shrugged off the whole fucking albatross, insisting she’d basically prefer to watch Cosmos: For me, the issue of feminism is [...]
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How the “Right to Choose” is Effing up Feminism

TweetIf there is one thing most feminists will agree on, it’s the right to choose—and that’s a problem. Though the “right to choose” is a slogan specific to the abortion debate, the language of choice pervades the feminist movement. Every woman is now allowed to choose what exactly feminism entails, and enact it any way [...]
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16 Steps to Every Argument a Man Has with a Woman Online

TweetNow, I know what you are thinking. Every argument is different. The players involved are different. The content and context are different. There’s no way this piece can be indicative of a general reality. Only it is. I am going to use a specific argument to flesh out my points, but that’s only because this [...]
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