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Modern Pride, Modern Prejudices

TweetI’m going to start this blog with a little gushing.  Bare with me — it does have a purpose for this feminist blog. One of my fascinations in media and storytelling is when people try to adapt old, usually outdated, classic stories into modern settings.  There are plenty of movies and books which are different [...]
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A Song of Ice and Women

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry When I was younger, I was a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction. As I grew up though, I found myself increasingly alienated by the genre which provided about four options for women: 1. The sweet, virginal (usually white and blonde) feminine lead usually awarded to the male lead at [...]
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The Abortionist’s Daughter: A Historical Novel That Is All Too Timely

TweetSeveral years ago, I became curious about young women before the first World War (1918).  In particular, how did they express sexual feeling and feelings about their bodies, when there was no vocabulary for it? No teachings?   A single kiss meant that you were as good as engaged.  Women were not prepared for what happened in [...]
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