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Stories About Rape Matter

TweetEven though the movement to end sexual assault on campus is running strong, rape remains a difficult topic to talk about. Inevitably, it brings up high emotions and debate often devolves into fear and hate. So, it is more important than ever that we have deep human stories about what it feels like to live [...]
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7 Sensational Things Marilyn Monroe Can Teach Us about Feminism

Tweet“She wasn’t a feminist, but she can teach us about feminism.” I did Pilates under Marilyn Monroe’s white billowy skirt. That doesn’t sound right. But I did exercise beneath her 26-foot-tall, 34,000-pound statue in Palm Springs during a free class in the park. (Should I have moved my mat to honor her memory?) This week, the statue [...]
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Celebrate women’s month with PASSIONATE POLITICS about Charlotte Bunch

TweetWe are so happy to be having a celebration for INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S MONTH with screenings of PASSIONATE POLITICS around New York City. The poster is attached – please share this with you friends. We have printed posters if you would like some let us know. Come Together & Celebrate International Women’s Month Join us! Conversations! [...]
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The Invisible War

Tweet I find it difficult to sit through documentaries. This may be due to my short attention span, which has been shot by the internet, or my shallow reluctance to choose educational films over lighter ones. But this week I saw a screening of The Invisible War and, if you are at all interested in [...]
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Girl Power? A Look at Summer Blockbusters & Lady Superheroes

Tweet A SYTYCB entry The summer blockbuster season is almost over, a time where (mostly white male) directors make epic films for teenage boys.  From this target audience emerges the consistent over-sexualization of women. But has this summer been different? With female superheroes in films like the Avengers and the Dark Knight Rises, are things changing? Can ladies have [...]
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