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Dear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party

TweetDear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party, You forced us to choose between keeping a larger portion of our paycheck or keeping the right to our own reproductive health.  You made us choose between fiscal reform or denying the civil liberties of others in order to adhere to your religious agenda. You made us choose [...]
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This Equal Pay Day, Lets All Be Peggy Olson

TweetOriginally Posted on MomsRising.org In Episode 305 of Mad Men, Peggy Olson shows up at Don Draper’s office with a serious matter to discuss. She sits down across from him, folds her hands, and begins: She’s thankful for her meteoric rise at Sterling Cooper, and for Don Draper’s hand in it as her boss cum [...]
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Announcing Blog for Fair Pay Day 2010

TweetApril 20th will mark Equal Pay Day–the point in 2010 when the average woman’s wages finally catch up with what the average man earned in 2009. And on that day, we’re asking bloggers and tweeters to raise their voices in support of fair pay for women by posting about this crucial issue on Equal Pay [...]
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TweetThis morning when I turned on the TV to figure out what’s going on in the world today, I caught the last end of an interview with Joel Waldfogel, author of Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Presents for the Holidays.  His argument has to do with gifts being “economically unsound” because of the “value” of the [...]
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Pay Inequity Continues for Female CEOs

TweetCrossposted to FeministLookingGlass.com This isn’t a surprising revelation, but it’s an important one: According to a corporate research firm, female CEOs earned only 58% of what male CEOs earned in 2008– and their pay was slashed 3 times the amount of male CEO pay cuts . Additionally, men CEOs earned 3.5 times more in bonuses [...]
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