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Girly girls and tomboys: Part II in why I’m a feminist, a convoluted series

TweetDeep in my youth—and in college, in the ‘90s, during the Grunge era—I was an Oshkosk B’Gosh girl. This is because, when I was 9, I thought I was Tom Sawyer. I wasn’t Huck Finn because I had people I lived with who basically took care of me, but I was still an orphan in [...]
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How I talk about men when they’re not around

Tweet A SYTYCB entry (Edited from the original version, posted on the Continuously Fractured Life) I am obsessed with Google Reader. If you have a blog and it’s even a little bit good, chances are I subscribe to it, share it, comment on it, and maybe even audibly respond to it. Feministing is a blog [...]
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Galentines Day Slam

TweetMy friend Maggie & I were inspired to collect some awesome women in a room in a tradition coined by Leslie Knope on Parks & Recreation “Galentines Day.”  I wrote a love poem slam parody about it that just went up on the great Occupy VDay site. Galentines Slam Drop the V on V-day Turn [...]
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When sexism comes from a friend

TweetHello everyone, my name is Carolina and this is my first post here. I’m 19 years old, I’m Italian and I’m currently studying Journalism at City University, London. I came to know about Feministing.com after a competition at my University, where some friends presented Jessica Valenti as their journalist idol. That made me read “He’s [...]
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Women need to stop hurting each other

TweetI had a very negative experience recently with a supposed “friend.” Something happened that brought up her issues, which I never could have predicted,  and she chose to lash out at me. I’m so tired of seeing women who have been hurt in the past hurt others. This woman’s betrayal of our friendship hurt at [...]
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