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Sexism, the wage gap, and the “baby excuse”

TweetRecently I’ve been finding that Facebook has turned into an excellent way to keep politicized. Until recently, I was freely and basically passively posting feminist related articles, with a nice circle of feminist-friendly friends, who would give my feminist articles thumbs up and make nice feministy responses. However, lately when I post these feminist related [...]
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No women allowed

TweetYet another step back for women…. In an effort to raise money for men’s cancers, a Manitoban shopping center has created a “MensDen” for men to escape the holiday shopping frenzy. For a mere donation of at least $5, men over the age of 18 are able to enjoy Hi Def TVs,  play video games [...]
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There’s no crying in intramural basketball, but there is gender discrimination

TweetWhen I was a kid, the first person who told me I can play basketball just as good as the boys was my dad. He, along with my mother and my brother, told me never to apologize for being the fastest girl on the basketball court or on the track. For the most part, I [...]
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Katie Roiphe Is Just Wrong

TweetLadies, If You Can’t Take A Joke Get A New Job. WTF? What exactly is the point of Katie Roiphe’s “In Favor of Dirty Jokes and Risque Remarks” anyway? That women should “lighten up?” That no “strong professional” women are cowed by off-color jokes?  This kind of dismissal, trivialization and denial of the problem is [...]
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Not so subtle discrimination in the startup community.

On June 3rd a new startup accelerator, FounderFuel launched. The group, located in Montreal, Canada, but funding startups internationally launched with 85 members, but not one woman. “At FounderFuel we believe startup success is more about the people than the idea. We take a lot of care in choosing the smartest and most resourceful, dedicated and passionate people we can find.” It seems that those are men. Even men involved in the startup scene noticed. David Crow, cofounder of Influitive Corporation, posted on Startup North that he was disappointed that so few women were participating at FounderFuel and and GrowLab, a Vancouver startup accelerator with a single female team member.
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