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Calling All Heterosexual Sex Transactional Perpetuates Rape Culture

Tweet[crossposted from Sex Positive Activism] An article in today’s Huffington Post has me absolutely livid.  The author, HuffPo contributor Toni Nagy, presumably is trying to make a point about how “dry humping” is a good idea for feminists (read: heterosexual women) as a way to draw out the courting ritual and be more selective about sexual [...]
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Hardwire This: Let’s Turn Evo Psych Upside Down, Shall We?

TweetEvolutionary psychologists specialize in coming up with primal, survival-related explanations for The Way Men and Women Are, carelessly tossing around – not to mention way overusing – words like “hardwired.” (Translation: “That’s just the way it is – don’t dare dream of this changing any time soon! Abandon hope!”) Take this recent gem from psychologytoday.com: [...]
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