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On female nudity

TweetThe naked body. Our instinct is to bloody love ‘em. Looking at one, touching one, being wrapped up in and by one. Mm. Damn. Such sensuality, intimacy and pleasure can be expressed and received from the wonderfully naked body. Plus, the hypnotic motion of some appropriately-placed flailing genitalia or boing-ing boobs can be fucking funny. [...]
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Ambiguous feelings about Turkey

TweetAfter graduating from high school, I decided to take a gap year. College will always be here; nothing will change about it. Many things happened to me during high school-an accident, my grandfather’s death, etc- and I never took the time to actually cope with them; I was always rushing, always focusing on my schoolwork [...]
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Wife Strike.

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry. I live in Texas. Everything down here is a little slower, including policy reform and the southern drawl, yall. So what’s a feminist to do when she ties the knot, and moves in with her new hubby? Go on wife strike, I suppose. Here is a post I wrote when shit [...]
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“Do you want me to pay for dinner?” and other awkward questions

TweetAn interesting point was recently brought to my attention by a male friend: it’s hard to respect someone’s expectations about things like going dutch and gestures like holding doors open when you don’t know what those expectations are, but asking about them can be awkward and come off as rude. When you’re dating in a [...]
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“How to be a woman,” or why we like gender rules

TweetFrom inspirational quotes and images on Tumblr and Pinterest to the strict gender roles enforced by many religions, it is clear that many people like being told how to perform their gender. Self-help books like “Men Are from Mars…”, “Rules of a Lady” graphics, and even gendered advertising create the gender rulebooks that surround us. [...]
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