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How to support women and girls in disaster recovery

TweetBy Brenda Berkman, cross-posted from MAKERS.com People are the same the world over. We see a disaster happening and we want to help. Often that impulse to help is short-term and a Band-Aid approach – we hold a bake sale to raise donations; we load a vehicle with canned goods and deliver it to a [...]
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Beyond Pink and Blue: Gender Roles in Childhood

TweetBritish toy store Harrods has recently undergone some major changes. Instead of the standard aisles  separated “pink for girls” and “blue for boys,” Harrods has broken the store into 6 “worlds” where toys are separated by categories, not genders. “Who cares?” some might ask. But this is part of a larger shift in marketing that [...]
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Are You Serious?: Games for Girls Still About Cooking, Shopping and Snagging a Man

TweetWomen in the tech field are few and far between. That’s why I was excited when I came across an article titled “Half of Tween Girls Are Online Gamers” while perusing the Mashable archives today. Since I’m a woman working in the tech field alongside Ballpoint CEO, Susan Leigh Babcock, I excitedly clicked to learn about this new [...]
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Turning the Tide Against Unlawful Sex Segregation in Public Schools

TweetMie Lewis, Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU Women’s Rights Project In recent years, the number of public schools segregating their students by sex has ballooned, despite mounting evidence that single-sex programs don’t improve academic performance and instead perpetuate sex stereotypes. But things are changing. This week, yet another school district — this time in Tallapoosa County, [...]
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“Science” Says No to Single-Sex Education

TweetBy Galen Sherwin, Staff Attorney, ACLU Women’s Rights Project When it comes to public education, there is no doubt that we are in a crisis, particularly when it comes to low-income and minority students. Unfortunately, the search for solutions has led to a movement across the country to establish single-sex classrooms and schools, many of [...]
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