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On being a male feminist

TweetI’m a cisgendered man and a proud feminist, pursuing a PhD in women’s studies. This fact solicits strange looks and even stranger comments from a host of interlocutors. Apparently, most people harbor very specific notions of what feminists and women’s studies majors look like, and I don’t quite measure up. For a lot of people, [...]
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In the words of Chi Yvonne Leina: How I stopped grandma from ironing my budding breasts

TweetCross-posted from UN Women On World Press Freedom Day, we highlight award-winning Cameroonian journalist and blogger Chi Yvonne Leina, a correspondent for UN Women media partner World Pulse. She is the founder and coordinator of Gender Danger, a grassroots women`s organization that is fighting to end the practice of breast ironing in Cameroon. She attended [...]
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Who is genderqueer?

TweetIn the feminist college campus culture, gender is discussed almost with a laugh. We’ve been through it: sex is distinct from gender, although not severed completely; gender itself is a fickle subject, impossible to detangle from culture; and gender and sex don’t map out onto personal characteristics or sexual orientation. Those who are genderqueer–blurring the [...]
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“The women of LA” vs. “The ‘Nice’ Guys of LA”

TweetFor those of you living in Los Angeles, you may have already seen this video called “Women of LA.” I don’t have to explain to you why it’s the worst. But now, there’s a response video created by some wonderful people called “The ‘Nice’ Guys of LA.” Check it out and love it forever. Tweet
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For Valentine’s Day, let’s learn about love from Hugh Jackman

TweetIt’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re all thinking about love. So it’s more than a little serendipitous that this story has been popping up in various forms on every damn news outlet ever within the last 24 hours. Here’s the gist: Hugh Jackman has once again had to deny rumors that he’s gay. And not surprisingly, these [...]
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