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Who is genderqueer?

TweetIn the feminist college campus culture, gender is discussed almost with a laugh. We’ve been through it: sex is distinct from gender, although not severed completely; gender itself is a fickle subject, impossible to detangle from culture; and gender and sex don’t map out onto personal characteristics or sexual orientation. Those who are genderqueer–blurring the [...]
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To the Queer Kids of America: Amendment One is a Form of Bullying

TweetOriginally appeared on RoleReboot.org. This letter is to all the queer kids, the gay, lesbian, and bi kids, to the young adults who identify as transgender, genderqueer, pansexual, and/or androgynous, to the questioning kids, to the kids who were born intersex, to the high school and college kids in North Carolina and around the country. [...]
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“How to Thrust Your Fat into a More Appealing Shape”- thoughts on my first time binding my breasts

TweetOkay, so this is my first post here, so be merciful about grammar and such and forgive me if it is more rambling than interesting. I am genderqueer and moving towards a more androgynous presentation.  The biggest barrier to this is the fact that I have very large breasts.  Very, very large.  The DDD bras [...]
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