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(Not) “Born This Way”: Glee, Gaga, and the message of false love

TweetGlee, the highly successful musical television show, appears to preach a message of self-love. One particular episode of the show, named after the “LGBT inclusive” pop single “Born This Way”, brands and promotes this love in ways both subtle as well as grotesque. This a self-love which I believe to be false and damaging for [...]
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Glee: only the sane and “beautiful” have ex-lovers

Tweet(This post originally appeared on blackbookcv.com) This season, Glee has focused more on the love lives of guidance counselor Emma and Coach Beiste. At first I was glad that two of my favorite characters were getting more screen time.  I’ve always been thrilled that Glee included both a main character with OCD, and a badass [...]
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Glee: Silly or Insidious?

TweetMy first impression of this show was that I really had none – I wasn’t interested in watching it because I thought it would be silly, and I already waste enough time on TV. I only began to notice it because the last guy I dated was REALLY into it, and I just could not [...]
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“Glee:” The Most Confusing Show on Television

So where does Glee stand? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.
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“Glee” Girls Gone Wild – Why GQ’s Pictorial Has Me Seeing Red

By Alexandra MacAaron

Why are so many women upset? Because those half-naked schoolgirls with the come-hither eyes aren’t just any models. They’re the girls of “Glee” - a show I looked to for better messages than this.

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