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Mitt Romney Is Not the Answer

TweetA woman’s vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for her own dehumanization and subjugation. Mitt Romney wants to take away our well-fought right to control your own body. It’s not about being pro-choice or anti-choice. It’s about being pro-America. We are Americans; tax-paying Americans that work, go to college, and stimulate our economy through [...]
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A WTF Moment in Mississippi

Tweet The ONLY ABORTION CLINIC IN MISSISSIPPI could be shut down? I read about this yesterday and…I honestly didn’t know how to respond. There are so many things that are problematic about this, let me count the ways… (1) There is only 1 abortion clinic in Mississippi! I repeat, there are ~1,526,057 women in Mississippi [...]
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Rick Tyler repping Gingrich: “Newt’s Not Racist! I’ll Show You Racist!”

Tweet Last night, Floridians declared Romney the least hated of the GOP candidates (despite pro-Gingrich robo calls saying that Mitt had forced holocaust survivors to eat pork when he was Governor of Massachusetts). Romney got 46.4% of the vote, beating out the even less popular candidates Newt Gingrich (31.9%), Rick Santorum (13.4%) and  Ron Paul  (7.0%). [...]
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Walk for Choice-Washington DC

TweetAfter attending the Walk for Choice in DC, I produced this video to try and garner support for Planned Parenthood and raise awareness about the assault on women’s health.  This will be part of a larger project including interviews with Cecile Richards and others on the very dangerous attempt to reverse women’s rights. DC Walk [...]
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