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Prejudices within the medical fraternity: Women and sexuality in India

TweetMy visit to a lady gynecologist in India a few months back has been bothering me to no end. Hence by ranting about the experience here I would like to know your thoughts on it and share if you have had a similar experience as I did. As a young woman in her early twenties, [...]
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Health disparities are a human rights issue

TweetWhere can a line be drawn that determines what it means to health care providers in terms of ethics in modern society?  Savita Halappanavar was professional dentist, married to an engineer, and was happily expecting a child.  At 17 weeks along, while in Ireland, Savita started to miscarry her unborn child.  We have to keep [...]
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People don’t die in the emergency room!

Tweet“People don’t die when they’re sitting and waiting in the emergency room!” Were these words truly coming out of this man’s mouth as my husband lay curled up in the fetal position, clutching his chest in the corner of a near empty ER? “My husband pays nearly $600 a month for health insurance! What if [...]
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Election 2012: The American Dream

TweetCross Posted on Saira Says Barack Obama embodies the American Dream, in every way. The same dream that has brought millions upon millions to this country year after year– the dream of achieving a better future. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to a white woman, Ann Dunham, and a black man, Barack Obama Sr., in 1961. [...]
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Moving beyond period jokes

Tweet A SYTYCB entry I’ve been watching a lot of Friends reruns lately, and after revisiting the episodes, it has become blatantly clear to me that the writers rely on stereotypes about men and women to make the show funny. For example, I recently watched an episode where Rachel claims she kissed a female friend [...]
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