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Women living with HIV cultivate leaders and food, in Uganda’s slums

TweetIn the Katwe slum in Kampala, Uganda, a group of women living with HIV are cultivating food, cleaning up the community and raising awareness of the right to sanitation and adequate housing. Cross-posted from UN Women “When I wake up and get my spade, the neighbour gets her broom, and we happily clean our area!” [...]
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Critiquing ‘Pinktober’ Is Not Enough

TweetThe blood draining from the bandages where my mom’s breasts used to be was vermilion, not pale pink.  Neither were the pill bottles, paper measuring cups, or plastic buckets I arranged in rows around her following her double mastectomy. When we think of breast cancer, we don’t think of it in shades of red, brown, [...]
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Plan B for All

TweetLast night’s NYTarticle  article on Obama’s Plan B decision flooded my facebook homepage, twitter and email. This news is undoubtedly, a huge step forward for reproductive rights and progress for girls and women of all ages and colors. A recent conversation with some lovely and wonderful, also evangelical conservative family, left me with pause on [...]
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When sexism endangers innocent lives

TweetOver the past few days, I’ve been following discussions stemming from this appalling story over at Stuff Fundies Like. Honestly, the way Pensacola Christian College treated this young woman is wrong on so many levels that I don’t even know where to start. I’m just going to address the overreaching theme here, which is so [...]
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Man Can Cook: Michael Pollan, The Food Movement and Feminism 101

TweetThe interwebs have been abuzz with the news of Michael Pollan’s latest book release. Cooked is Pollan’s homage to home cooking, an attempt to urge us all back into the kitchen, to reclaim from corporations “one of the greatest satisfactions in life.” Pollan argues that home cooking is both a personal pleasure and a moral imperative [...]
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