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When do we draw the line? Rethinking historical misogynist hero worship

TweetTwo events have converged in my mind to get me thinking about the way I approach men of note who have perpetrated acts of violence against women. The first is an art exhibition currently showing near me featuring clay models made by the Baroque Italian sculptor Gianlorenzo Bernini, which I was initially thrilled to go [...]
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I’m over Rosie

TweetA SYTYCB entry Rosie the Riveter, the quintessential feminist icon, is starting to get on my nerves. Make no mistake, I love her, you can tell because I have a giant poster of her hanging up in my living room, and more than one shirt with her face on it are hanging in my closet. [...]
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How to thoughtlessly consume whiteness

TweetA SYTYCB entry Is your complexion fair or pale? Do you check the box that says “Caucasian” next to race when you fill out your demographics? Do you, like the vast majority of people who answered yes to both of those questions, just not think any deeper about whiteness? Well here’s a helpful list of [...]
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The Abortionist’s Daughter: A Historical Novel That Is All Too Timely

TweetSeveral years ago, I became curious about young women before the first World War (1918).  In particular, how did they express sexual feeling and feelings about their bodies, when there was no vocabulary for it? No teachings?   A single kiss meant that you were as good as engaged.  Women were not prepared for what happened in [...]
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Historical Accuracy, Marital Rape, and “Mad Men”

Sunday’s Washington Post featured a thought-provoking piece by historian Stephanie Coontz concerning television’s critically-acclaimed “Mad Men.” Coontz explains that while historians usually deride historical fiction for its inaccuracies, most historians Coontz knows (herself included) adore “Mad Men,” particularly for its attention to historical accuracy, down to the smallest 1960s details.
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