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Be a Real Man: Pledge to Confront and Shame Street Harassers

TweetThis post contains trigger language. This is a slightly altered repost. You’ll find the pledge at the bottom of the original post, here. Aside from taking the pledge, you can help by passing this on to another person (or two. Or ten.) Here are strategies to deal with and confront harassers. Here is a list [...]
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It’s called WOLF whistling for a reason…

TweetI was ready to applaud when I spotted an article on the Express website about a building firm suspending employees for wolf whistling – until, that is, I read what the author (no doubt himself a master of the fine art of seduction) had to say. Seriously, it’s like SlutWalk never happened. Men, don’t you [...]
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iPhone app reports street harassment

TweetCheck out this New York Times article about a new way to use technology to address street harassment. Street harassment activist website Hollaback! recently created an iPhone app which allows recipients of street harassment to take a picture of the perpetrator, automatically report the location of the harassment, define the type of the harassment and receive a [...]
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More Than 80% of Women Are Harassed, Just for Walking on the Street

TweetAs some of you may recall, two years ago I wrote a post on Feministing Community asking people to take an informal survey about gender-based street harassment for a book I wanted to write. More than 900 people took the survey and last year I signed a book contract. This week my book is out [...]
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NYC Mutes, Ignores Sex-Crime Prevention Services

TweetThis past May, The Village Voice released audiotapes which revealed an alarming practice established by high-ranking officers in the NYPD: the manipulation of crime statistics through the purposeful mishandling of incidents and information and – even worse – the intimidation of victims. With the release of these tapes, several current and former police offers stepped [...]
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