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Today’s Modern Harems

TweetJillian Lauren was raised in a typical middle class New Jersey family. But as a teenager, she went down an unexpected road, dropping out of college, becoming an escort and spending a year and a half living in the harem of Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. Now a New York Times bestselling author, she is taking a [...]
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Born this way? The role of the nature vs nurture debate in sexual identity formation and acceptance

TweetCALL FOR WRITERS The international blog on feminist issues, Gender Across Borders, is hosting a series on the topic of the role of nature vs nurture debate in sexual identity formation and acceptance. The question of what ‘causes’ homosexuality has been preoccupying widely ranging scientific fields and scientists: from medicine and neuroscience to cultural and [...]
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Homosexuality in the Bible: How it happened and why feminists should be concerned.

Women, valued solely for their ability to produce an heir, were ultimately worthless, and therefore an encumbrance as a result of homosexuality. Families desperately seeking to purge unwanted daughters, then, execrated homosexuality as one might loathe insolvency, accumulating daughters like debt.
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In Texas: Are homosexuals a minority?

TweetIn response to: “A topic came up the other day and I would like your perspective: Can homosexuals be considered a minority?” Absolutely! As a result of that minority status they are routinely rejected and persecuted because they do not fit into conventional societal norms. Heterosexuals are human beings; homosexuals are human beings, and under [...]
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