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Concord Slammed the Door in My Face Because I Wanted to Protect My Children

TweetMy name is Hope. I am survivor of domestic violence. To protect myself, I fled from my husband and changed my name and social security number. I have sole custody of two children from this abusive relationship. I never changed my children’s names or social security numbers because the courts require notifying both parents of [...]
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The War on Drugs = A War on Women and Families

TweetBy Lenora M. Lapidus, Director, ACLU Women’s Rights Project The "war on drugs" has had a devastating impact on women and families, who have been greatly affected by policies like mandatory minimum sentences, prosecution of low-level drug offenses, increased conviction and imprisonment of those with relationships to drug dealers, and criminalization of women with drug [...]
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Orthodox Jewish woman wins legal battle for house

TweetA Brooklyn woman has just won a legal battle involving inheritance rights. Amy Neustein has been fighting for the past eight years to keep the New York house – left to her by her parents in their will  – which her brother has been trying to forcibly evict her from. Neustein, an Orthodox Jewish woman, [...]
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New HUD Rules Target Stereotyping of Domestic Violence Victims

TweetBy Sandra S. Park, Staff Attorney, ACLU Women’s Rights Project Tanica Lewis and her children were evicted from their apartment after her ex-partner, Reuben Thomas, broke in while she was at work. Her landlord decided that Thomas was her "guest" and held her responsible for his property damage, despite the protective order she previously had [...]
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