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Not Oprah’s Book Club: Claire of the Sea Light, by Edwidge Danticat

TweetEd. note: This is a guest post from Emily Villano. Emily is a recent college graduate and a feminist, living and writing in Central Oregon. Edwidge Danticat has stated that though her body is in the United States, her imagination lies in Haiti. She writes about Haiti in Brooklyn, NY, with her debut novel Breathe, [...]
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Modern Pride, Modern Prejudices

TweetI’m going to start this blog with a little gushing.  Bare with me — it does have a purpose for this feminist blog. One of my fascinations in media and storytelling is when people try to adapt old, usually outdated, classic stories into modern settings.  There are plenty of movies and books which are different [...]
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Political Voodoo, Ouija Boards and other Hooey

TweetI’m southern. I’m a sweet-tea-drinking. . . Black-eyed-peas-and-cornbread-banana-pudding-eating. . . Sunday-Bible-toting-unapologetically sassy-sarcastic-back-talking-southerner. And in being a southern lady, there are some things we Belles keep to ourselves and then there are other things that we just have to get off our chest. You see, everything old in politics is new again. Because we are in [...]
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Go Ahead and Self-deport, Asshole

Tweet Ed. note: This post is part of the second round of the Feministing “So You Think You Can Blog” contributor contest (background here). Stay tuned all week as our six finalists take turns turns covering the blog and giving us a sense of their personal contributor style. The winner of the contest and newest member [...]
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Child care, nannying, and race: What you need to know about migrant care work

Tweet A SYTYCB entry This week, I received an email from SC. In this email, SC mentioned that because she knew of my “interest” in migrant workers rights, she wanted me to know that she is hiring a Filipina “nanny” through Canada’s Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) to help take care of their first-born kid. (Quick aside: [...]
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