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The American dream, interrupted

Tweet(Originally posted at RepoRepro) Rosie Wang, Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) Summer Legal Intern In many ways Bei Bei Shuai’s story sounds like my mom’s. Both women were raised in large Chinese cities, in households where both parents worked. Both came to the United States, following partners with promising job prospects. Both worked in [...]
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Holidays and Honoring Nontraditional Families

We know that when we gather, we can speak about our marriages and our families and identify with each other’s concerns. Without explanation, we recognize the unspoken restrictions in each other’s workplaces or the dangers that exist anywhere beyond our homes’ doors. We know that in that particular room, everyone’s love and acceptance do not depend on cultural norms.
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Family ‘reforms’

TweetWhat I am about to address is a very British issue, unless that is, you’re not British but you have had the sheer audacity to fall in love with a British person and are thinking about settling down over here… In explanation; when I was 19 I moved to Canada for a year and fell in [...]
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(Rich, White) Women and Children First!

When I saw the cover of this homeschooling (christian) catalog, I knew I was in for a doozy. The cover features two cute white children on the deck of the Titanic with the words "Women and Children First!" above them.
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They are telling me to stay out but I can’t: occupying as a non-citizen

TweetIn the past weeks I have read of people’s experience with the occupation movement in terms of gender, class or race. Many felt that the 99% did not represent them because it replicated the same structures of privilege that the movement is questioning. I stumbled upon beautiful pieces such as “SO REAL IT HURTS: Notes [...]
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