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Embracing Our Sexuality: Is Porn the Answer?

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Trying to embrace your sexuality with porn? You’re not alone. A recent article in the Huffington Post, “Women and the New Pornography-Embracing our Sexuality”, explores the idea of women using pornography. As a doctoral student who researches positive sexuality, pornography, and romantic relationships, I can’t help but cringe when I see [...]
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SOPA would be the end of blogs like this

TweetSOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, is expected to be voted on this week. And you can help prevent it from passing. But why do you care? Because it’s not about fighting piracy. It’s about being able to police everything on the internet. It’s about the government being able to limit our access until all [...]
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Sexism, Alive and Well on the Internet

TweetI frequent the site IMDb.com, which stands for Internet Movie Database. I love movies and it can be a great website to get information on upcoming films and whatnot, as well as movie showtimes in my area. One feature that they have on the site is the Daily Poll. This is a feature where regular [...]
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But Erica Jong, We’re Raunchy, Too! The Young Feminists Cry

TweetI was thrilled to see an op-ed in the NY Times by Erica Jong, one of my favorite authors, poets, and sex-pots. My thrill lasted for about 15 seconds. In “Is Sex Passé?” Ms. Jong begins: What could be more eternal than sexuality? The fog of longing, the obsession with the loved one’s voice, smell, [...]
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An Accidental “Experiment” with “Boycott American Women”

TweetA few days ago I came across a lovely website called “Boycott American Women.” I really can’t remember how I found it, but after perusing through the blog posts from American men who have posted to the site I felt pretty disgusted about the attitudes many of the men had not only towards American women, [...]
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