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Which Side are You On? Moving Beyond Gender Wars

TweetIn recent times I’ve noticed a lot of people using ‘feminist’ as a derogatory slur. This is somewhat perplexing because as John Scalzi points out in his blog post ‘To the Dude bro that thinks he’s insulting me by calling me a feminist’, a feminist is someone who thinks that women deserve the same rights [...]
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Feminism: Connection & Progression (aka What’s Next?)

TweetIn the twenty first century, what, and where, is Feminism? There are close to 4 billion women in the world now, and the personal is ever political; that’s a buttload of politics. Are we still solid, guys? Would addressing you as ‘girls’ instead be patronizing, or more feminist? (I have many more questions, the masses. [...]
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Dear World, Let’s Give Saudi Women Some Credit

TweetWell, look here, world. In a stunning move of independence replete of any help, force, or aid from the West, the first female law firm has opened in Saudi Arabia, two months after its founder and three other female lawyers were granted licenses to practice law in the nation. The law firm will focus on [...]
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Are Breasts the Best?

Tweet(Originally posted on my personal blog here.) Today’s titillating post is about boobs. But first let’s talk about stamps! Yes, stamps. This summer, France unveiled its new postage stamp, one that features the face of lady France herself, La Marianne. Except this was Marianne as you’ve never seen her before. She looked like a Disney [...]
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Class, Privilege, Feminism, and the Stars of Girls

TweetGirls star Zosia Mamet recently started a Kickstarter to fund a music video for a song from her folk band project with her sister (both daughters of famous playwright David Mamet). Mamet’s day job, playing Shoshanna on Girls, already has a tendency to bug viewers for its blatant disregard of class and race issues. So [...]
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