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(Not) “Born This Way”: Glee, Gaga, and the message of false love

TweetGlee, the highly successful musical television show, appears to preach a message of self-love. One particular episode of the show, named after the “LGBT inclusive” pop single “Born This Way”, brands and promotes this love in ways both subtle as well as grotesque. This a self-love which I believe to be false and damaging for [...]
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SNL’s ‘golden rule’: Gay sex is (only) OK in a three-way

TweetThis post originally appeared in the blog True Jest. According to last night’s obligatory Justin-Timberlake’s-hosting digital short on Saturday Night Live, the “golden rule” is that it’s not gay for two men to have sex if it’s part of a three-way. Of course there’s only a need for such a rule if there’s something wrong [...]
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Seal of Disapproval: Biskepticality

TweetA quick googling of “lady gaga bisexual” brings you this delightful potpourri of ignorance. I previously cited “Telephone” as a music vid featuring girl-on-girl, but it really doesn’t belong with the other examples because Gaga herself is actually bi as opposed to a straight woman appropriating lesbian imagery. Or is she? Admittedly, her public persona [...]
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Lady Gaga saying “retarded” contradicts equality-driven persona

Tweet Lady Gaga, why are you trying to piss me off so much lately? Specifically, why do you keep using derogatory language in song lyrics and interviews? As someone who wants to define herself as a leader in the social justice movement and a champion of equal rights, why do you use language that is [...]
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Born This Way: What Makes a Gay Anthem?

TweetCross-posted from ERiC jost BLOG. Lady Gaga’s new song, “Born This Way,” debuted to much fanfare this morning. The lead single off the album of the same name, which Gaga predicts will be the album of the decade, is a self-empowering anthem that speaks to her “little monsters” and tells them to embrace who they [...]
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