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W.W.B. – Worshipping While Brown

Tweet“Absolute hospitality would in no way amount to the absence of violence. To the contrary, it would enthrone violence precisely under the guise of nonviolence because it would leave the violators unchanged and the consequences of violence unremedied.” – Miroslav Volf It’s exhausting to be the brown girl at church. The evangelical church. The progressive [...]
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Brazilian Women Are Not Just Their Butts

Tweet“Where are you from?” “Brazil.” “I have a folder on my desktop dedicated to women like you.” I am tired of Brazilian women only making the international news because of their butts. I am tired of prancing lingerie-clad models being representative of Brazilian women. I am tired of seeing “Brazilian Butts” workout DVD commercials. Mostly, [...]
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Pinterest or Pornterest? The Sexualization of Latinas Online.

TweetI admit it. I have an addiction.  My addiction keeps me awake for hours when I should be sleeping, and it distracts me when my boyfriend is telling me a story. As much as I loathed the fact that my parents would frustratedly joke that they should’ve named me “Xiomara Internet Maldonado,” I have to [...]
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