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Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin wants to return to Congress!

TweetA St. Louis TV station reports: Could Todd Akin be the new comeback kid? The 65-year-old former congressman says don’t rule him out. Nearly six months after losing the Senate race he continues to be attacked from all sides of the political spectrum. But the greatest barbs are thrown by fellow Republicans. In an exclusive [...]
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Dear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party

TweetDear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party, You forced us to choose between keeping a larger portion of our paycheck or keeping the right to our own reproductive health.  You made us choose between fiscal reform or denying the civil liberties of others in order to adhere to your religious agenda. You made us choose [...]
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What else did Akin say? Parsing a perfect storm

Tweet AN SYTYCB entry By now, we’re all pretty sick of the name Todd Akin.  We’ve been saturated for days with blog posts and TV spots, repeating Akin’s claim that pregnancy cannot result from “legitimate rape.”  We’ve groaned at the mash-up of pseudoscience and rape apologism and cheered to hear President Obama refute the “offensive” [...]
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The short-sighted recklessness of anti-abortion politics

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Beyond this week’s news cycle, Rep. Todd Akin’s attempt to delegitimize rape revealed a reckless disregard for victims that could have put our  youth at greater risk for sexual crimes. Rape is rape, and no means no. It’s really just that simple. Yet, Akin claimed Sunday that women subjected to “legitimate [...]
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Why Rep. Akin’s Apology is Not Enough

Tweet   A SYTYCB entry Over the last few days I have stewed, like many women, about Rep. Todd Akin’s comments on “legitimate rape” and his grossly inaccurate statement that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant.  These comments outraged me such that I have not been able to coherently or succinctly put into words.  [...]
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