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Five feminist teachings in Parks and Recreation

TweetAmy Poehler has created a brilliant feminist TV series and, more importantly, differential feminist models we can all look up to. Parks and Recreation is about a government employee who believes in change above anything else and her endeavours to change her hometown Pawnee, despite the stagnant pace of government action. Leslie Knope is the [...]
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In which I gush about how much I love Parks and Recreation

TweetYou guys, I totally love Parks and Recreation. Like, to a ridiculous degree. Please indulge me while I tell you why. Warning: There may be some spoilers. But spoilers can enhance the story-telling process, so get over it. I know I’m not the first enamored by the charms of Leslie Knope and her Pawnee Parks [...]
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Parks and Recreation: Thank You for the Pawnee Goddesses

TweetI used to babysit a house full of smart, awesome girls. They played pirates, staged elaborate kitchen science experiments, and read books by the case-full. For half an hour every evening, we sprawled out on the couch and tuned in to the ongoing exploits of a myriad of makeup lacquered, fresh out of elementary school [...]
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