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Hillary Clinton being a boss (video)

Tweet History will look at Hillary Clinton as someone who never gave up and continued to succeed, despite being knocked down over and over again. She will be seen as a polarizing trailblazer who finally found her voice — leading to eventual success as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. Once in positions of [...]
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When did St. Patrick’s day parades become so exclusive?

TweetLet me start by saying, “I’ve got Irish blood in me.”  All my ancestors came across the pond on boats bound for American from their homeland of Ireland.  Although I don’t partake in green beer and drunken buffoonery often synonymous with St. Patty’s Day, I enjoy the pipes, kilts and green parade festivities of St. [...]
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Heterophobe is the New Homophobe?

TweetWith all this talk of marriage equality for homosexuals in light of public opinion, states’ rights, and soon-to-be Supreme Court rulings, it’s easy to understand why the heterosexual community is feeling under attack. Luckily, there’s a new Facebook group calling for the annual observance of Heterosexual Awareness Month (HAM) each July. Participants are encouraged to [...]
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Obama’s declaration of support: what does it mean?

TweetToday the Internet is buzzing about Obama coming out (no pun intended) in support of gay marriage. In an interview with ABC (the full interview has not actually aired but this clip has been released), Obama talks about the “evolution” of his views on gay marriage. Now, we all know why he is announcing this [...]
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“Glitter Bombs” for Equality?…

TweetCross-Posted at Not Your Average Feminist First it was Newt Gingrich… Then it was Pawlenty… And yesterday, Michelle Bachman became the latest receiver of the glitter shower. Tweet
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