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I am Here for Me, Too

TweetThis was first published at Feminists-At-Large For anyone who’s spent at least a minimal amount of time within the pages, blogs, feeds, and conversations of modern feminism, it should be more than apparent that feminism can no longer survive and succeed as a discrete, limited endeavor. Intersectionality has been a buzzword and important focal point [...]
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Healthy Masculinity(ies)

TweetRecently, I volunteered at Men Can Stop Rape’s Healthy Masculinity Summit through my internship at an organization that focuses on dating violence. It was awesome. There were roughly 200 people there and it was easily the most truly diverse group of people I have ever been in. In keeping with the conference theme, there were [...]
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How feminism made me a better gay man

Tweet“Gender, Sex and Sexuality…what’s the difference?” That’s how my first Women’s Studies class started during my freshman year of college, around four years ago. I sat there, baffled, not knowing where to even begin and not truly understanding why my professor was even asking this question. I had enrolled in this class because it sounded [...]
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The Male Ally Progress Report

TweetOriginally posted at Comrade Kevin’s Chrestomathy In the beginning, when I tried my hand at contributing to Feminist discourse, I had one simple goal. I wanted to known as the male ally who got it. Or, in other words, I wished to be the man who really understood. Having been equally as sickened and repulsed [...]
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