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Please stand by; the world will now be saved

TweetFor those of us fighting tirelessly to better the state of humanity and raise awareness of the evils that plague our world, it will give you great relief to know that the world will soon be saved. A straight, white, middle-classed male has astonishingly found that the source of evil is institutional corruption.  In his [...]
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Can you just let me watch the game? Feminist edition

TweetI have a mansplainer sighting to report. It is no coincidence that I say this after spending last night with the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers at the only bar in town that gets the NFL Network. For the next four months, any building with a TV has a good shot at becoming [...]
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The need for a female inner circle

Tweet SYTYCB entry In the midst of Todd Akin ignorance, an article by Rebecca Solnit resurfaced this week on The Problem With Men Explaining Things. In it, she discusses the problem of mansplaining: that phenomenon by which many men assume – often wrongfully and patronizingly – that those they are talking to have total ignorance [...]
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