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Real Men Buy Tampons, Right?

TweetAs a woman, I’m often ambivalent about going to a store when I need feminine products, but I happen to be married to a guy who LOVES going for me. (And this is not just a perk of marriage; he was cool with it when we were dating.) The more personal the item is the [...]
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I am Here for Me, Too

TweetThis was first published at Feminists-At-Large For anyone who’s spent at least a minimal amount of time within the pages, blogs, feeds, and conversations of modern feminism, it should be more than apparent that feminism can no longer survive and succeed as a discrete, limited endeavor. Intersectionality has been a buzzword and important focal point [...]
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How ending violence against women and girls became my passion

Tweet Photo credit: UN Women/Laura Beke Written by Mwasapi Kihongosi. 24-year-old Mwasapi led a Caravan for Change in November 2012 – a bus consisting of 25 activists who visited five different regions of Tanzania over eight days in November 2012 to raise awareness and encouraging people to “Open Up!” and speak out against violence against women. He [...]
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Feminism needs to include men to obtain equality for all

Tweet“Feminism will make it possible for the first time for men to be free.” – Michael Kimmel I’ve written a few posts in the past calling for  re-evaluation of the feminist movements action plan (posts here) because the way they are going about getting to their goals isn’t working. The feminist movement wants better lives [...]
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How I talk about men when they’re not around

Tweet A SYTYCB entry (Edited from the original version, posted on the Continuously Fractured Life) I am obsessed with Google Reader. If you have a blog and it’s even a little bit good, chances are I subscribe to it, share it, comment on it, and maybe even audibly respond to it. Feministing is a blog [...]
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