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The Kids Aren’t Alright

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry I remember listening to “I Want It That Way” the minute news of Columbine broke. I’ll forever associate the song with that deep confusion, sadness, and desire to know why? that went through my 4th grade mind. I was in 7th grade when a few 8th graders threatened to bring guns [...]
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Glee: only the sane and “beautiful” have ex-lovers

Tweet(This post originally appeared on blackbookcv.com) This season, Glee has focused more on the love lives of guidance counselor Emma and Coach Beiste. At first I was glad that two of my favorite characters were getting more screen time.  I’ve always been thrilled that Glee included both a main character with OCD, and a badass [...]
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The problem of feminist mental health

TweetOriginally posted at The Radical Housewife. In 1963, Betty Friedan dropped a bomb on American culture called The Feminine Mystique, a book that diagnosed untold millions of women with “the problem that has no name.”  The book kicked off the Second Wave of feminism, but if you’re a regular reader here you already know that. What [...]
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My Contribution to “It Gets Better”

TweetThere have been very legitimate criticisms leveled at Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” video campaign: that it has excluded LGBTQ people of color, that it assumes or encourages passivity in the face of a hostile environment, et cetera. But it has been a source of community-building, solidarity, and support, and I have offered my own contribution [...]
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Studies Show… Feminism Is Good for You! (Part 1 of Series)

TweetOne of the many thorns in the collective feminist side is the way research is used as a weapon in promoting gender division and inferiority of one gender in particular (just venture a guess as to which one). Even when the research itself is unbiased, findings are often spun to neatly align with interpretations by [...]
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