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Three Women You Truly Love

TweetContent Warning: I am very explicit in this post and use language that is triggering. Let’s establish right now that in order to truly love someone, you would, in the least, do one thing in your power to prevent their being harmed. I know. You’re busy. You have things on your plate. And besides, you can’t prevent accidents [...]
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Say something, I can’t give up on this

Tweet The #yesallwomen campaign has brought up so much deeply held finally said out loud shame from women. Reading it brings tears to my eyes. The mini stories are devastating. Yet I know that only half of the stories out there are being told.  The rest are still buried because of the Thing that all [...]
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Misogyny and Other Cock Blockers

TweetRecently I released a video for “Boss Señorita”—a song I wrote to empower women and offer men a different approach. Two days later, a misogynist killed 6 people because women rejected him. I’ve seen much discussion about misogyny since then and I’m seeing men get very defensive. As a man, I understand why. My hope [...]
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Elliot Roger and the ultimate misogyny

TweetA man called Elliot Rodger has killed seven people more are in hospital in critical condition, after writing a 140 page manifesto speaking of how much he hates women and how they should be “punished” for not being interested in him. People have already started, particularly the media, spouting about how he was a madman [...]
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Sincere thoughts of a woman regarding the shooting in Santa Barbara

Tweet My good friend, a woman, gave the news about the Santa Barbara shooting. I could not help but to feel even more nauseous than I already did as I read the description of the crime. A man driven by hatred, hatred towards women. That isn’t the first crime exposed by media that involves the [...]
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