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On cultural exchange: Things we learned from our Grandmas

TweetThis piece was written in response to another essay entitled: “Culture Shock: How Straight Black Women Steal Black Gay Men’s Slanguage” written by Rashid Darden for the blog Dopalicious District. In his article, Rashid Darden talks about how it’s inappropriate for straight black women, some of whom are homoantagonistic, to appropriate gay black male culture, drawing from the popular [...]
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Beauty That’s ‘Real’

Tweet“Love the skin you’re in!” “Real women, real beauty.” “Beauty at any size!” You’ll likely recognise the above phrases, which, rather than necessitating quotation, were plucked from my arse. I mean mind. (Bum/mind/waist-to-hip ratio; telling the difference is as hard as it is futile.) Such clichés are the mantras of the body-positive ‘movement’: a barrage [...]
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An open letter to pornography

TweetDear Pornography, We need to talk. It’s not you, and it’s not me. It is, in fact, them*. Similarly to the way nudity has been ruined by its brazenly fascist packaging in the media, as described a couple of weeks ago, in theory: you’re alright, Porn. You are not ‘wrong’. (Can I call you Porn?) [...]
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MRAs attempt rebranding as ‘Men’s Human Rights Activists’

TweetLast Spring, the Southern Poverty Law Center (splcenter.org) profiled a group of websites as promoting misogyny. Among these were some popular spaces for “the men’s rights movement,” including avoiceformen.com, the-spearhead.com, mensactivism.org and the men’s rights subreddit. On January 21st 2013 , A Voice for Men used the words, “privileged white bitches in our dust” to boast outranking Feministing.com via Alexa’s traffic data. (AVfM may not be aware of the [...]
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Misogyny at home in South Asia

TweetAm I home?  Yet I find myself disjointed.  What is a place that rips off my …  The horror that open air cannot be accessed without permission  Permission denied  The demons outside my four walls that jeer, leer   And boil my core  If home is where I burn, then where do I breathe?  Amidst a [...]
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