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Rape and other demons

TweetThe problem with being a perennial cribber is that the moment you take a break to catch a breath, the world turns tables to embarrass you, to tell you that you slacked. I am on a fellowship with the World Press Institute in the United States with nine more journalists from different parts of the [...]
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Narcissism is a Feminist Issue

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Narcissism pervades our culture at an epidemic level. We feminists need to learn to identify it and call it out when we see it, because it underlies most (if not all) of the social issues we tackle. Abuse, economic injustice, racism, distorted body image, and rape culture – to name just [...]
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Provocative. adj. Outdated, old-fashioned, obsolete

Tweet  A SYTYCB entry A much-rehearsed debate: someone says that if a woman is wearing ‘provocative’ clothing when she’s raped, then she is in some way responsible for what happened to her. No, says someone else, a woman can wear what she likes, men aren’t animals who are unable to control themselves at the sight [...]
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A feminist misunderstanding

TweetI actually started my search on google with the terms “what to tell people when they ask you about feminism.” I thought I could possibly get a concise, simple answer that I sometimes am too flabbergasted to come up with. When someone asks me about feminism, I try to be understanding. However, I just can’t [...]
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in which I will brook none of that shit: a post about talking back and street harassment

TweetFair warning to all sad, sorry young men trolling the streets of my city: if you cat-call me (as one unfortunate boy discovered the other day), I will not take it. I will instead stop my bike, ask you to please explain precisely why you think it’s acceptable to speak to me that way, and [...]
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