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But Erica Jong, We’re Raunchy, Too! The Young Feminists Cry

TweetI was thrilled to see an op-ed in the NY Times by Erica Jong, one of my favorite authors, poets, and sex-pots. My thrill lasted for about 15 seconds. In “Is Sex Passé?” Ms. Jong begins: What could be more eternal than sexuality? The fog of longing, the obsession with the loved one’s voice, smell, [...]
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Attention cheating men: Nature didn’t cause your infidelity

Tweet I feel so bad for men and their instinctual inability not to cheat on their significant others: When a girl is literally unzipping your pants, men can’t say no. We’re not built that way. This is a quote from a recent article in Marie Claire about bachelor parties and what really happens at them. [...]
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