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Would the feminist mothers in the room please stand up?

TweetChew on this: Does the term “feminist mother” constitute an oxymoron? Two months ago I threw those words into cyber space and discovered that somewhere between feminist and mother a whole lot can go wrong. I took a picture of myself next to two four-foot high piles of laundry, talking on the phone and typing [...]
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Bob, is Sally helping you with the kids?

TweetThe term “working mom” is sexist and I die a little every time someone asks me if I have a job or do I take care of my daughter. I mean, do you ask men the same question? “Hi Bob, how goes the work/home life balance with your newborn? Are you able to manage it all? [...]
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Craigslist and accepting myself as a woman living alone

TweetI might as well say it out loud.  I sometimes date men off of Craigslist.  It a mixed-bag of cock and ab pics, men who are looking for sex-only relationships, kink, and men who are looking for ltrs (long term relationships). Recently, I posted an ad, looking for a brotherly type man to hang out [...]
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Why I got married (as if it’s any of your beeswax)

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry “Get out your card, honey, we’re splitting this.” “Oh…we are? I thought this was your treat tonight.” “Nope. I already spent $300 on this trip…” “Yeah, and I bought breakfast this morning, the cab ride, we split dinner last night, I paid for our bags… …And on and on it goes. [...]
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We’re all free to choose

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