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Miley Cyrus, “Wrecking Ball,” and Intimate Partner Violence

TweetAfter Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, people were all about slut-shaming her (not much was said about Robin Thicke’s participation). The mainstream media appeared scandalized by her performance – a young woman exhibiting sexuality? *Gasp!* Richard Cohen, of the Washington Post, seemed particularly appalled – at least once he looked up the word twerk. He thought [...]
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A Community for Survivors: Why Survivors of Sexual Violence are a Folk Group and Why It Matters

Tweet[cross-posted from Groupthink] Let’s start at the very beginning. You may well be asking: What is a folk group? What do we really mean when we say “folk”? In 1846, British writer William Thoms proposed the term “folk” as the English-language counterpart to the German “volk.” Thoms coined the term “folklore” to describe the arts, [...]
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An ode to the Riot Grrl

TweetEvery woman should know about the riot grrl movement. It’s the most recent feminist movement (early 90′s), it’s the cultural companion to the third wave feminism, and it’s fronted by badass punk chicks. And badass punk chicks are cool. Up until the riot grrl movement and third wave feminism, feminism typically focused on an all-encompassing [...]
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Sexism in music: “She’s pretty good for a girl”

TweetIt is extremely difficult for a woman to make it in the music industry without sexualising herself. Those of us who refuse to do this have to work extra hard, especially as female musicians get treated as if “girls with guitars” was a genre in itself. A disproportionate amount of women artists are vocalists, because [...]
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What we can learn from women rappers

Tweet Ed. note: This post is part of the second round of the Feministing “So You Think You Can Blog” contributor contest (background here). Stay tuned all week as our six finalists take turns turns covering the blog and giving us a sense of their personal contributor style. The winner of the contest and newest [...]
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