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What’s Narcissism Got to do With It?: #YesAllWomen, Misogyny, Rape Culture and Elliot Rodger

TweetAs a mental health advocate, a feminist, and as someone who has an avid interest in writing about narcissistic abuse, the Elliot Rodger case made my heart ache and my head spin. This case raised so many key social and political issues it was difficult to keep track of them all: misogyny, mental illness and [...]
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Narcissism is a Feminist Issue

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Narcissism pervades our culture at an epidemic level. We feminists need to learn to identify it and call it out when we see it, because it underlies most (if not all) of the social issues we tackle. Abuse, economic injustice, racism, distorted body image, and rape culture – to name just [...]
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RHOBH: “I’d often say, ‘Just hit me so we can get this over with.’”

TweetReality TV shows are often nothing but a cesspool of one or all of the following: cat-fighting, bickering, hooking up, and has-been celebrities (or celebrities who have never made it above the C-list). The reputation that these shows have — that it’s just mindless entertainment — is something I’ve often disputed, especially when it comes [...]
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