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Richard Cohen’s Problematic Take on the Stubenville Rape and Cyrus’ VMA Performance

TweetWhen you start a discussion about a rape case that ended in conviction, with “so-called rape” and then specify that “it was not a rape involving intercourse,” you set yourself up as someone who doesn’t understand, in the least, the concept of rape or the right a person has to the sanctity of their bodies. [...]
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This is what the legitimization of acquaintance assault and rape looks like

TweetWhenever I’m intrigued or baffled by what’s going on in the world around me I look to the literature for answers. After the atrocity in Steubenville OH last year and the recent tragic suicide of Audrie Pott in Saratoga CA I started to educate myself on rape. I learnt about rape culture and, equipped with [...]
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Get Your MITT OFF my MUFF!

TweetBeautiful young women unite in this funny, provocative, informative and powerful music video to thwart the Republican attack on women’s rights and to get women to the polls in November. Tweet
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Pretending to be gay?

TweetEd. note: This post is part of the second round of the Feministing “So You Think You Can Blog” contributor contest (background here). Stay tuned all week as our six finalists take turns turns covering the blog and giving us a sense of their personal contributor style. The winner of the contest and newest member [...]
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What We Missed: Wannabe edition

TweetA SYTYCB entry We are apparently still letting misogynistic morons both speak publically about false women’s health information AND run for US Senate. News from the Dominican Republic: Girl faced with both a pregnancy and acute leukemia is dead after failing to receive chemo or abortion services. Okay, okay, women “aren’t asking to be raped,” [...]
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