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“The women of LA” vs. “The ‘Nice’ Guys of LA”

TweetFor those of you living in Los Angeles, you may have already seen this video called “Women of LA.” I don’t have to explain to you why it’s the worst. But now, there’s a response video created by some wonderful people called “The ‘Nice’ Guys of LA.” Check it out and love it forever. Tweet
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The Nice Guy Defense

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Recent sexual harassment cases making the media circuit have had an alarming message attached to them: “I didn’t knew that what I was doing [is sexual harassment]“. Something deep down inside me is left extremely uncomfortable by this thought. The complete ignorance of not understanding that unwanted attention is sexual harassment leaves [...]
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Regarding ‘Nice Guys’ and ‘Why Women Only Date Jerks’- A Critique of a Masculine Victim-Cult

"It's... important to realize that being a nice guy doesn't entitle you to sex. Nothing does. Ever. Being resentful about the lack of sexing for your nice guy persona isn't cool. In fact, if you have this sense of entitlement, whereby being a nice guy should get you laid, or being a nice guy is a strategy towards getting laid, you aren't a nice guy.... just a more passive aggressive form of jerk."
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