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Are Breasts the Best?

Tweet(Originally posted on my personal blog here.) Today’s titillating post is about boobs. But first let’s talk about stamps! Yes, stamps. This summer, France unveiled its new postage stamp, one that features the face of lady France herself, La Marianne. Except this was Marianne as you’ve never seen her before. She looked like a Disney [...]
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On female nudity

TweetThe naked body. Our instinct is to bloody love ‘em. Looking at one, touching one, being wrapped up in and by one. Mm. Damn. Such sensuality, intimacy and pleasure can be expressed and received from the wonderfully naked body. Plus, the hypnotic motion of some appropriately-placed flailing genitalia or boing-ing boobs can be fucking funny. [...]
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Pinterest or Pornterest? The Sexualization of Latinas Online.

TweetI admit it. I have an addiction.  My addiction keeps me awake for hours when I should be sleeping, and it distracts me when my boyfriend is telling me a story. As much as I loathed the fact that my parents would frustratedly joke that they should’ve named me “Xiomara Internet Maldonado,” I have to [...]
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