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#cutthecarls: The Ongoing Conversation about Women, Advertising, and Consumable Bodies

TweetRecently, Beauty Redefined started two new hashtags, #cutthecarls and #morethanmeat, in response to the latest ad by burger chain Carl’s Jr. The ad features Hannah Ferguson, who sexily washes a truck while devouring the new “Texas BBQ Thickburger,” and Paris Hilton, who wanders onset seductively in the last few seconds and murmurs, “You missed a [...]
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What’s Worse Than Sexual Objectification?

TweetPicture a strong female. Either a real one that you know, or a character in a story. She has a name, and, please, some defining characteristics and purpose.  Now: objectify her. Thank you. The thought experiment is now over. But one last thing before you go. What did that look like? I am going to [...]
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How To Approach Me

TweetDO NOT: Approach me as some puzzle to be solved, test to be passed, game to be played, system to be hacked, land to be conquered, object to be possessed, or (to simplify/generalize) thing to be acted upon in order to achieve some result. I am not a chat bot which will dish out flirtation [...]
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Stop Telling Me To Make Things For Women If I Want Them

TweetI was having a conversation with someone about sexualized images of women, i.e. posters of half naked women in office environments. I pointed out that the problem is not with partial nudity in itself but the context behind having a sexualized image of a woman hanging in an office in a field that is dominated [...]
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Would you strip to pay your way?

TweetIn my now, three years of studying politics and practicing feminism, I can honestly say that I have not come across an issue which splits feminists so dramatically and consistently as sex work. This semester I studied ‘Sex work, theory and practice’ with a large group of other, mostly female, students. From the very first [...]
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