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Nawal El Moutawakel – Hurdles only strengthen her track

TweetCross-posted from UN Women Bursting through the barriers of the male-dominated profession of competitive sport, Nawal El Moutawakel is the first Arab, African, and Muslim woman to win an Olympic gold medal, which she did for the 400-metre hurdles in 1984. She followed up her win serving as the first Minister of Sports in Morocco. [...]
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The NHL and The CWHL: The Struggle for Women

TweetAfter the Stanley Cup was won in 6 games, tweets, articles, facebook posts and general buzz about the NHL and hockey have died down in preparation for the upcoming season. Every fan can tell you who took home Lord Stanley, and who should take the Cup home next year. But far fewer could tell you [...]
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If it’s pretty, it’s not a sport

TweetA SYTYCB entry The Olympics are a time of unity and excitement: we acknowledge diversity and achieve international cooperation; we celebrate feats of the human body that take our collective breath away. And somehow, during all of this, yelling “but is it a sport!?” becomes another Olympic event. According to people who whined their way through [...]
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The 2012 Olympics were a breath of fresh air

Tweet A SYTYCB entry The games are over and the 2012 Olympics have officially closed. The opening ceremony didn’t hold a flame to the Beijing ones but with this already in mind, Danny Boyle did his best and applied his vision and the result was pleasant and entertaining. For me, however, it wasn’t the grandiosity [...]
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Why the “Year of the Woman” is still another year of sexism

Tweet“I want to win as an athlete. I want to shine as a woman.” This is the tagline for a Pantene Pro-V commercial starring Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin. We all know that ads geared towards women are ridiculous and that beauty ads tend to equate products with ruling the world, or having it all, or [...]
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