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I am Not Trayvon Martin: Empathy in Experience, Sympathy in Emotion

TweetWe all know “I am Trayvon Martin” signs are an attempt at solidarity and compassion. In many cases, they’re also the expression of similar embodied realities. “I am Trayvon Martin – I am at risk of random aggression and police disregard because of my race.” But as a number of online voices have pointed out, it is [...]
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The Feminist Brand

Tweet A SYTYCB entry Feminism has a branding problem. It is not a new or surprising problem, but it needs to be addressed and, hopefully, fixed. Feminism is complicated. Feminism has a lot of grey area. It has a rich and complex history and, like many movements, it is struggling to become more inclusive. We have [...]
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Who are we really looking good for?

TweetOne of the most basic feminist principles, I think, is about being able to choose our appearance and not having to look sexy for male standards or appropriate by prude standards. Now whether that means you are of the school of believing in the rejection all makeup because you see it as symbolism of wanting [...]
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