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Going bushy out of principle

TweetI’ve come a long way with my bundle of issues, but discussing pubic hair with my mother-in-law is most strictly out of bounds. Or it was, until now. I wasn’t aware of having invited the conversation either; an innocent comment on my loss of hair on my head following my pregnancy, had started a tirade [...]
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How should I raise my sons?

TweetIn the spirit of Mychal Smith’s call for men to listen to women, I want to solicit opinions on how I (a man) should raise my sons not to contribute to sexism. While searching this site, I was not able to find any discussion that seemed relevant. Many of the commentaries focus on conservative, patriarchal [...]
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Would the feminist mothers in the room please stand up?

TweetChew on this: Does the term “feminist mother” constitute an oxymoron? Two months ago I threw those words into cyber space and discovered that somewhere between feminist and mother a whole lot can go wrong. I took a picture of myself next to two four-foot high piles of laundry, talking on the phone and typing [...]
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Parental Perpetuation of Heteronormativity and Agism: A brief history

TweetMaster wordsmith, President Barrack Obama is back, and his inaugural speech reminded me of a blog post over at Womanist Musings: What if Sasha and Malia Obama aren’t straight? In this post, Womanist Musings calls Obama’s heteronormativy out regarding his children. His choice of words failed him. In a series of interviews a reporter lightheartedly brought [...]
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Television Ads: Targeting Women’s Dreams?

TweetIf you watch television, you’ve seen the commercials. You know, the ones that show the father figure feeding the kids before school and getting everyone ready for the bus stop? Historically, commercials have always shown women in this role; so are things finally changing? Are the commercials slanting their visuals to keep up with the [...]
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