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You didn’t ask, but here are my thoughts on attachment parenting anyway

TweetAttachment parenting. The term is everywhere, right? Time magazine’s awful cover story “Are You Mom Enough” seemed to bring the whole debate to a (tasteless, judgemental) head. Can I just tell you how that cover infuriated me? I breastfed my two sons for a year each (due to her illness at birth I was unable [...]
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Bob, is Sally helping you with the kids?

TweetThe term “working mom” is sexist and I die a little every time someone asks me if I have a job or do I take care of my daughter. I mean, do you ask men the same question? “Hi Bob, how goes the work/home life balance with your newborn? Are you able to manage it all? [...]
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5 reasons why I don’t want children

TweetAs a 27-year old woman who recently got engaged to her live-in partner, I get asked more than ever about whether or not I want to have children (or, more often, when I want to have children). I do not want to have children. I have never wanted to have children, and I doubt that [...]
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Happy Father’s Day weekend!

TweetOriginally posted at www.carlsonsalon.blogspot.com One of my favorite essays is Lisa Bloom’s “How to Talk to Little Girls.” In it, she describes the propensity for people to speak to little girls only about physical beauty (you’re so pretty! Isn’t that a cute dress?) at the expense of encouraging young girls’ intellectual development. She describes the problem: [...]
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Access to Parenthood: Canadian Couple May Lose Their Son Because They are Disabled

TweetI am commenting on this story. As a disabled woman I have been interested in the intersections of sexuality and disability for a long time. There are so many barriers beyond the physical when disabled people want to express themselves sexually. One of the biggest barriers is that it is still widely believed that disabled people [...]
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