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I am Here for Me, Too

TweetThis was first published at Feminists-At-Large For anyone who’s spent at least a minimal amount of time within the pages, blogs, feeds, and conversations of modern feminism, it should be more than apparent that feminism can no longer survive and succeed as a discrete, limited endeavor. Intersectionality has been a buzzword and important focal point [...]
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‘Women’s bodies are not public goods’ and other corrections we are still making

TweetWhile I hate to give this professor from Rochester more attention than what he deserves, the apparent inability (based upon the comments I quickly perused) of anyone to see the logical problems with this man’s argument has prompted me to do a little writing of my own on the subject. Based upon his original blog post and his [...]
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How to Date a Feminist in Five Easy Steps

TweetHow to Date to a Feminist in Just Five Easy Steps By: Kim Tran Let me preface this piece by saying the following article is based purely on anecdotes belonging to me or my friends. This article documents what often happens after those hallelujah moments when your partner who claims to share your feminist beliefs [...]
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The Harbinger of Doom, or NOT!

TweetThis is where we were at in my last post: “Now, I hate to be the harbinger of doom (I’m talking to all you younger ladies out there as well), but all women, every single one of us, must face this scenario sooner or later. As we age the popular media gradually villainizes and de-sexualizes us, [...]
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Leave my heels alone: I need them to fight the kyriarchy

Tweet A SYTYCB entry Ohhh, people’s reactions to queer femmes*: “I don’t get it: she doesn’t look queer, does she?” “Doesn’t she know that makeup is a patriarchal invention?” “I guess she just must be bi, right?”** When these questions come from fellow feminists – lesbians included – it breaks my queerly radical little heart. [...]
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